ICB Associates

ICB Associates was incorporated in the year 2000.The field of activities for ICB Associates is to cater the area of mining and construction equipments. With the above view ICB Associates entered the market to organize suppliers of spares for heavy earth- moving equipments from abroad… The main idea was to create a link between the end-user and the manufacturer /dealer of machines and spares keeping in mind the import policy change by Govt. of India and the opening up of the economy. It was also surveyed by ICB Associates the gradual trends of the end-user to zero inventory system to control their cost of maintenance.

The above situation made ICB Associates to extensively search the foreign market for reliable manufacturers of equipments and spares required in the mining and construction industry which had gradually matured to understand the benefits of quality products.

The search started and ICB Associates started developing relations with renowned foreign manufacturers and distributors for the major brands of equipments being sold by large manufacturers in India for mining and construction Industry.

The main suppliers of spares were the dealer network in India which was mainly attributed to making profits at the expense of quality of spares. This prompted ICB Associates to generate a system wherein the end user could directly import the required spares from the manufacturers keeping the quality intact and at the best prices. To achieve this a great deal of logistic work had to be incorporated before the actual products were supplied to the end- user. It was also looked into to reduce the inventory cost of the end user through the effective logistic support so that the spares reach the end- user at the shortest possible time.

To develop the above logistic the techno commercial support system was developed to make the end-user convinced that the parts being imported by them are ready to fit and are of quality material required by the machine to give the expected life and performance.

The ever expanding industry of mining and construction, also created an opportunity for ICB Associates to serve both the industry with machines and spares which were manufactured with latest technology to help to increase production and also match to suit the commercial conditions as per the requirement of the end-user which includes rental, guaranteed availability of the machines and AMC contracts.